1) Master Plan – Ron Sawhill and Jeni Key are working to answer some questions from a regulation/code/cost standpoint (for example – the best place for the small kids to play would be over a subsurface retention pond at the front of the property which might not work for us because of the cost. We were going to replace the old fence around the retention pond, but are waiting to see if this might be an option.) Ron has been gathering vehicle counts on Sundays to better evaluate parking demands. They are gathering data to then present three concepts to the Elders.

2) Playground – We have already ground many stumps. Dean Bright has one estimate and will be getting two more to remove additional trees in the area. Neither of the wells are functional, so we will have to connect to the city water to have irrigation on a field area for the kids to play. The tree removal and stump grinding will be completed in the next 4-5 weeks.

3) Curriculum – It was decided to adopt Orange as our curriculum. We will be working on how we want to organize it with our teachers and hope to initiate training in November so that we can begin using it in January or February. This curriculum would need us to mount flat screens in 2-3 of the classrooms which would be a great tool for many uses.