Athens Church of Christ Teen Ministry

Teen Ministry

The Athens Teen Ministry is a group  9-12th graders  who come together to experience the love of God and his church. Our goal is to help teens thrive in all areas of their lives, whether with friends, in school or in their relationship with God. We want to help them secure healthy friendships, work to create safe spaces where teenagers can be themselves and build a network of diverse friendships.

Matthew 5:16

"In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."

Teen Ministry Leadership

Max Cole

Max is a Junior at UGA, majoring in Communication Studies.  His favorite things to do are videography , editing, watching movies, spending time with friends, photography, camping, seeing new sights and experiencing new things. Max’s own experiences in his teen ministry help shape his leadership style. He said “It’s where I learned how to be confident in myself and who I was, as well as where I met some of the most compassionate people who are now my closest and life long friends. It also was a big part of my spiritual foundation. I was able to really experience the unconditional love that is truly only found in God’s kingdom as well as creating fun memories that’ll cherish forever.”

Caroline Rigdon

I love working with the teens because I have always found the teen ministry to be a place that inspires and encourages others unlike anything else I have ever experienced. The teens are so resilient, and they teach me everyday what it means to have a childlike heart. I became a disciple when I myself was a junior is high school, and I remember how crucial the ministry was in developing my relationship with God. I feel so blessed to be able to serve the teens in developing their own relationships with God and to be a friend to them during such a formative time of life.