Thanks so much for all of your support for Tabi’s Food and Clothing Pantry. We have been helping our brothers and sisters as well as people in the community. We have the following needs for the pantry: fruit, canned meats (chili, chicken, tuna, roast beef), spaghetti sauces (only plastic containers), tomato sauce, canned tomatoes, soups, boxes of cereal, oatmeal or grits. We are now accepting, sugar, cornmeal and flour. Also, we can use paper products, (paper towels and toilet paper). Please bring products that have a long expiration date of at least 6 months. We have the following needs for the clothing: baby clothes for girls only, small sizes for men and women. Please do not bring out of season clothes. We are now accepting clothes for the fall and winter. Please do not bring shoes. Food donations may be brought to church and placed on the shelf outside of the kitchen. If you want to make clothes donations, please contact Dana or Carolyn so they can open the pantry. You may also bring them on Sunday and ask Carolyn for a key to put them in the pantry. Please do not place clothing items on the food shelf.

Thank you again!