Dr. Jeff Porter passed away on Thursday, June 17th at around 1:45pm, surrounded by his family singing some of his favorite songs and reading some of his favorite scriptures. His passing was gentle and peaceful as he fell asleep encouraged that soon he would be where we all desire to go one day.

Jeff Porter was born Feb. 15, 1932 in East Orange, NJ. He Graduated from Georgia Tech in 1956 with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. He received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry in 1960, also from Georgia Tech. He had three children from his first marriage, John Jefferson Porter, Jr., born May 13, 1960; Maria Rogers, born September 30, 1964 and Scarlette Van Auken, born August 9, 1966. Jeff Porter moved to Clemson in January of 1962 where he began teaching at Clemson University in the Textile Chemistry department. Baptized April 5, 1982. Married Regina Suffi Sept. 17, 1985. Retired on Dec. 28, 1995 from Clemson.

After being baptized, Jeff traveled to Atlanta and then to Athens, Georgia to worship when the Foothills Church of Christ disbanded in 1989. When the Greenville Church was planted he began traveling to Greenville. For Dr. Porter to see the Clemson Foothills Church planted in January of 2009 was a dream come true and he immediately gave his entire heart to every brother and sister who moved to Clemson to plant the Church. Jeff was an important piece of the Clemson Foothills Church! His heart for the campus ministry and his love for people was an example for everyone of us to follow. Knowing that he won’t be in our fellowship anymore is difficult for us, but knowing that he will be here in spirit is comforting! We will miss you Dr. Porter! You are our hero and we are all proud to have gotten to know you!