We found a small glitch in the way Facebook provides information in their API (the way Facebook pushes data). If you “connected with Facebook” you could join groups, use calendars, etc. but your profile pages, group pages, etc won’t work properly for some people. The website support team is working on a permanent fix – but until it is released, you will need to register with the website here.

If you already used the Facebook Connect login, I will be clearing those out of the database so we can work on a new Facebook option. You will also need to register with the website here. Any posts/updates/etc you did with the Facebook login will be transferred to your new website account once you create it here.

Sorry about the confusion with the Facebook Integration. We felt is was more important to maintain our privacy and security rather than make the existing Facebook system work. We have other cool features coming, such as getting an actual blog going for each family group, finalizing the online contribution, and a lot more. Stay tuned for updates!

Website Support Team