Hey all,

The avatar “Crop” feature still isn’t working properly, and the makers of the software have yet to release a fix or an update that works (and we haven’t been able to fix it yet either but we are working on it)… so in the meantime, if you want to have a correctly sized and cropped avatar, here is what to do.

Find the image you want, and open up any image/photo editing software. Crop and resize it to 150 x 150. The upload that image as your avatar. You can also go to http://www.picresize.com/ and crop and resize images there online. Save the file, then upload your avatar.

You can upload your new avatar by clicking on your existing avatar to go to your profile. Then click on the “Profile” tab, and then click the “change avatar” link. Upload your 150 x 150 images there. Once it is uploaded, you will see two images side by side. This is where you should be able to crop the image, but since it is not working properly, just click “Crop” to finish the process and upload your avatar.

The Website Support Team