A Special event is coming to Athens this summer!

AIM Session on Church History

Sunday and Monday, July 10-11

Sunday, July 10, 3pm-7:15pm:

  • Class 1: 30-200AD
  • Class 2: 200-381AD
  • Class 3: Early church fathers

Monday, July 11, 9am-6:15pm:

  • Class 4: Eastern Church History
  • Class 5: 381-1517AD
  • Class 6: 1517-1906AD, 20th Century
  • Class 7: Mainline Church of Christ
  • Class 8: 1967-2009: Crossroads, Boston, ICOC I and II

Instructors: Dr. Douglas Jacoby, Joey Harris, Ed Anton, & Sam Laing

Location: Athens Church of Christ Building

Tuition: $30 (reduced rate!) includes lunch on Monday

To Register: Visit The AIM website HERE to register.

This is a rare opportunity to learn about a fascinating subject.  There will be large numbers of college students in attendance in connection with the ICMC.  Great fellowship and great instruction Рyou will leave informed, inspired, and encouraged!