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Notes from HUMILITY AT HOME message

It was so good to see you all at the midweek on Wednesday night. For those who were not there, know that we love you and missed you! My apologies, again, for the print on the slides being so small. Per some of your requests, below is a copy of the info on the slides which you can use for your further study. — Kindred
The Importance of Humility in Families & Households
Read COLOSSIANS 3:12-17 and answer the following: According to this passage…
°1. How should you see yourself?
°2. What should this produce in you?
°3. What responsibilities should you feel?
Read COLOSSIANS 3:18-21. Consider the passage relationship by relationship, zeroing in on the parts that most apply to you. Ask the following:
°1. What is the verse teaching you to do?
°2. What would it look like/mean practically to live out this verse in daily life?
°3. How would HUMILITY be necessary to obey the verse?
°4. What would be challenging and what would help overcome the challenge?
°5. If you are single living in a household with roommates, ask yourself what, if any principles you might take from these passages to apply in your situation.
Read COLOSSIANS 3:22-4:1. Even though this passage addresses household relationships between slaves and masters, what, if any, modern-day lessons might we take from the passage to help us in our current household relationships? Again, if you are single, ask yourself how these principles might apply to a roommate situation.
EPHESIANS 5:21-6:9
°What does it mean to submit to one another?
°How does the marriage relationship relate to the Christ-Church relationship? How should this impact our conviction to obey these teachings?
°What should a parent’s focus be in raising a child? How might a parent’s humility towards the child be crucial to accomplish this goal? How might the child’s humility towards the parent be crucial?
°What is your responsibility before God in your household? In what ways might you need to become more humble in order to consistently fulfill this responsibility?
1. Pray (even fast) for humility at home!
2. Have a family devotional/discussion on the topic.
   * Take the lead in humility (be a good listener and apologizer – and REPENTER)
   * Having heard what others need, ask what you can do to meet said needs
   * Share what you will do and be humbly approachable about it.
   * Periodically ask family members/roommates how you are doing, seeking truth!
3. Make a daily, conscious effort to focus on your responsibilities before God rather than others’ responsibilities to you.
4. Make decisions based on concern for God’s honor, others’ relationship with God, and others’ welfare rather than personal feelings or offense.
5. Household relationships are emotionally charged, and it is often hard to be objective. Be open and humble with spiritual couples, friends, etc., who will love you enough to be truthful and help!




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