Transforming Friendships Class

Transforming Friendships Class

Athens Church of Christ Transforming Friendships- by Sam Laing Spring 2011 March 30 The One Another Way- (Love One Another/Be Devoted to One Another in Brotherly Love) April 6 Encourage One Another and Build Each Other Up April 13 Open Wide Your Hearts/Confess Your Sins to One Another April 20 Speak the Truth to One […]

Prayer, Prophecies, and Angels (Daniel, Ch 9-10)

Prayer, Prophecies and Angels God had promised a 70 Year exile because of their sin (Jer. 25:11-12) Captivity began in 605 BC This chapter occurs in approximately 539-538  BC. Daniel realizes the 70 year time is about up, three or four years left to go. Time to pray!! 1. Praise (9:4, 7, 9, 15a) 2.  […]

Daniel in the Lions’ Den (Daniel, Chapter 6)

Daniel In the Lions’ Den Historical problem: There is no “Darius the Mede” in extra-biblical record for another 17 years ‣      Cyrus the Great (ruled 550-530 BC, conquered Babylon in 539 BC – (Daniel 5:30) ‣      Next ruler: His son Cambyses ‣      Next ruler: Cambyses’ son, Darius 1 – took over empire in 522 BC […]

Daniel Class- Chapters 1-4

Daniel:  Lessons and thought questions from chapters 1-4 (by Lisa Sawhill) 1. In chapter 1, Daniel resolves not to defile himself with the royal food and wine.  His resolution required trust in God and God worked on his behalf and on the behalf of Daniel’s friends.   His resolution provided him with a standard for his […]

Historical Chronology

Download and view the Historical Chronology of the New Testament Writings during the Roman Empire

Keys to understanding apocalyptic literature in Daniel

Keys to understanding apocalyptic literature in Daniel Notes by Lisa Sawhill Horns – symbolize kings or national powers Heads – symbolize various kings Wings – symbolize various kings, or power of those kings to swoop down over other nations Great Sea – the nations of mankind Wind(s) – the working or power of God Beasts […]

Daniel Class Introduction

Introduction 1. Author(s): Daniel himself: 7:15, 8:1, 10:2. In addition, an editor who refers to Daniel in third person: 4:19, 7:1, 10:1 Note that prophetic material is in first person, historical material in third  person, indicating that Daniel wrote down the prophecies and visions himself, and that an editor close to the events wrote down […]

Daniel Class Notes

DANIEL CLASS INTRODUCTION Click For Full Class Notes: Introduction Notes We’re going to be studying the book of Daniel. He was a Jewish guy who was exiled from Judah to Babylon in 605BC, and this book about his life and adventures was probably written around 530 BC. I think we all know that, or at […]