Avatars Update

Avatars Update

Hey all, The avatar “Crop” feature still isn’t working properly, and the makers of the software have yet to release a fix or an update that works (and we haven’t been able to fix it yet either but we are working on it)… so in the meantime, if you want to have a correctly sized […]

Facebook Connect Update

We found a small glitch in the way Facebook provides information in their API (the way Facebook pushes data). If you “connected with Facebook” you could join groups, use calendars, etc. but your profile pages, group pages, etc won’t work properly for some people. The website support team is working on a permanent fix – […]

Website Launch and Church Preview

Tonight (Wednesday 5/19/10) is the official release of the Athens Church of Christ new website! We have been working on this since August 2009 – researching, developing, testing, redeveloping, and designing. We are pleased to introduce the culmination of months of hard work and prayer – a website that meets our mission objective. The Website […]

Here it comes, and boy is it cool!

The ACOC website is in development!  And wowsers is it cool!  The first phase for the website is geared towards COMMUNICATION – getting features like calendars, groups, blog posts, friends, etc. The second phase will be about bells and whistles – Podscast, video, director etc. The last and final phase will be about blowing peoples […]